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Oppression Shall Not Always Reign.


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Written for the Anti-Slavery Melodies, by Henry Ware, Jr.

1. Oppression shall not always reign;
There comes a brighter day,
When Freedom, burst from every chain.
Shall have triumphant way.
Then Right shall over Might prevail,
And Truth, like hero armed in mail,
The hosts of tyrant wrong assail,
And hold eternal sway.

2. E'en now that glorious day draws near,
Its coming is not far;
In Earth and Heaven its signs appear;
We see its morning star;
Its dawn has flushed the Eastern sky;
The Western hills reflect it high;
The Southern clouds before it fly;
Hurra, hurra, hurra!

3. It flashes on the Indian Isles,
So long to bondage given;
Their faded plains are decked in smiles,
Their blood-stained fetters riven.
Eight hundred thousand newly free
Pour out their songs of Jubilee,
That shake the globe from sea to sea,
As with a shout from heaven.

4. That shout, which every bosom thrills,
Has crossed the wondering main;
It rings in thunder from our hills,
And rolls o'er every plain.
The waves reply on every shore;
Old Fanueil echoes to the roar,
And rocks as ne'er it rocked before,
And never rocks in vain.


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5. What voice shall bid the progress stay
Of Truth's victorious car?
What arm arrest the growing day,
Or quench the solar star?
What dastard soul, though stout and strong,
Shall dare bring back the ancient wrong,
Or Slavery's guilty night prolong,
And Freedom's morning bar?

6. The hour of triumph comes apace,
The fated, promised, hour,
When earth upon a ransomed race
Her bounteous gifts shall shower.
Ring, Liberty, thy glorious bell!
Bid high thy sacred Banner swell!
Let trump on trump the triumph tell
Of Heaven's avenging power!

7. The Day has come! the Hour draws nigh!
We hear the coming car!
Send forth the glad exulting cry!
Hurra, hurra, hurra!
From every hill, by every sea,
In shouts proclaim the Great Decree,
"All chains are broke, all men are free!"
Hurra, hurra, hurra!