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Washington Song.


TUNE — Sparkling and bright.

Sparkling and bright, in its liquid light,
Is the water in our glasses;
'Twill give you health, 'twill give you wealth,
Ye lads and rosy lasses.

CHORUS — O, then resign your ruby wine,
Each smiling son and daughter —
There's nothing so good for the youthful blood,
Or sweet, as the sparkling water.

Better than gold is the water cold,
From the crystal fountains flowing;
A calm delight, both day and night,
To happy homes bestowing.

O, then resign, &c.

Sorrow hath fled from the heart that bled.
Of the weeping wife and mother;
They've given up the poisoned cup,
Son, husband, daughter, and brother.

O, then resign, &c.