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MEN may rail about their Lincoln;
Of their Hamlin they may tell;
Of their Everett may bluster,
While they brag about their Bell;
But the Democrats have Douglas,
Who is armed with Truth and Right,
And his soldiers are the voters,
In their majesty and might.


On the records of our country
There is not a brighter name
Than the honored name of Douglas,
Who shall ever live in fame.
He will stand a loyal statesman,
Famed for wisdom, marked with wit,
Far above the man who's honored
For a pile of rails he split.

With the stars and stripes above us,
Floating o'er the brave and free,
We will vote for Stephen Douglas,
Who our Commodore shall be;
And our "ship of state," in safety,
O'er the stormy sea he'll sail,
While, before the mast, Abe Lincoln
Will be looking o'er the rail.