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Free Soil Gathering.


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Words by Whittier.
Music by G. W. C.

A voice has gone forth, and the land is awake!
Our freemen shall gather from ocean to lake,
Our cause is as pure as the earth ever saw,
And our


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faith we will pledge in the thrilling huzza.
Then huzza, then huzza,
Truth's glittering falchion for freedom we draw.


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Let them blacken our names and pursue us with ill,
Our hearts shall be faithful to liberty still;
Then rally! then rally! Come one and come all,
With harness well girded, and echo the call.

Thy hill-tops, New England, shall leap at the cry,
And the prairie and far distant south shall reply;
It shall roll o'er the land till the farthermost glen
Gives back the glad summons again and again.

Oppression shall hear in its temple of blood,
And read on its wall the handwriting of God;
Niagara's torrent shall thunder it forth,
It shall burn in the sentinel star of the North.

It shall blaze in the lightning, and speak in the thunder,
Till Slavery's fetters are riven asunder,
And freedom her rights has triumphantly won,
And our country her garments of beauty put on.
Then huzza, then huzza,
Truth's glittering falchion for freedom we draw.

Let them blacken our names, and pursue us with ill,
We bow at thy altar, sweet liberty still!
As the breeze f'm the mountain sweeps over the river,
So, chainless and free, shall our thoughts be, forever.

Then on to the conflict for freedom and truth;
Come Matron, come Maiden, come Manhood and youth,
Come gather! come gather! come one and come all,
And soon shall the altars of Slavery fall.

The forests shall know it, and lift up their voice,
To bid the green prairies and valleys rejoice;
And the "Father of Waters," join Mexico's sea,
In the anthem of Nature for millions set free.
Then huzza! Then huzza!
Truth's glittering falchion for freedom we draw.