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Letter to Joseph Gillespie


SPRINGFIELD, ILL., May 19, 1849.

Dear Gillespie: Butterfield will be Commissioner of the Gen'l Land Office, unless prevented by strong and speedy efforts. Ewing is for him, and he is only not appointed yet because Old Zach. hangs fire. I have reliable information of this. Now, if you agree with me that his appointment would dissatisfy rather than gratify the Whigs of this State, that it would slacken their energies in future contests, that his appointment in '41 is an old sore with them which they will not patiently have reopened,--in a word that his appointment now would be a fatal blunder to the administration and our political men, here in Illinois, write Mr. Crittenden to that effect. He can control the matter. Were you to write Ewing I fear the President would never hear of your letter. This may be a mere suspicion. You might [write] directly to Old Zach. You will be the best judge of the


propriety of that. Not a moments time is to be lost.

Let this [be] confidential except with Mr. Edwards and a few others whom you know I would trust just as I do you.

Yours as ever,