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Freedom's Call.


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Ye sons of Freedom wake to glory,
Your Nations honor bids you rise,
Your Children wives and grand sires hoary,
To you their hope for safety fly,
To you their hope for safety fly. Shall office seeker mischief breeding,
With hireling knaves, a pirate band,
Pillage and overrun the land,
While peace and liberty life bleeding?


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CHORUS in unison.
To the Polls, ye Freeman brave,
Our glorious Union save,
Press on, press on all hearts resolved,
That freedom e'er shall reign.

O glorious Freedom, can man resign thee?
Once having felt thy generous flame,
Can servile chains or bars confine thee,
Or whips thy noble spirit tame?
Too long our country weeps bewailing,
The heavy yoke oppressors wield,
But Freedom is our strength and shield,
And all their arts are unavailing.

Chorus. To the polls, &c.