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294. John M. Rutledge to William H. Herndon.

Birmingham Iowa Nov — 18th 1866

Dear Sir

yours is received & I much regret that I have such a poor memory, and you will see by these lines that I am neither a Scribe or a Schollar in this you will Some what excuse me. I will just drop a word or two that you ma gave Some gess why I have not remembered no more, in the first plase I was allways at work and one of these still Say nothing boys dident go out in company much, when in the Black Hawk war I was all ways at my post or in the tent didnt run round much of corse would not See half what others would, now if thare is any thing in this that is worth any thing and is two awkward done I would be willing to get help and doe it over again

your humble J.M. Rutledge

question 1st I dont remember the name of the plase whare Lincoln was elected, in my mind I can See the plase whare the men was mustered and volenteerd Suppose thare is Some old Letters that can tell, William Green was in the Black Hawk war I think he lives in Menard Co —

2d I dont remember about the restle after we had gone out. at Beardstown I saw Lincoln restle with a man I cant be certain about his name he threw Lincoln twice with two new trips afterwards they took holt and Lincoln threw him quite easy

3d thare was Indians in camp while we lay at what was cald at that time Dixons ferry on Rock River I was Sick at that time and did not See them I herd them make the war hoop and men laughing

5th I Knew Doctor Duncan and Kelso but the dates I dont remember I think they ware Some what intelligent


7th I believe thare was a debating Society but nothing remembered, Jokes nothing worth relating, however I will tell one if it is not worthy of any thing you need not Show it one day as Lincoln as walking up Street past the house of mr Ally a little girl I believe it was, about 2 or 3 years old ran out in the Street naked Lincoln picked it up threw it under his arm and walked on, a parsel of men a bout a store door to laughing at the sean

9th Jack armstrong & Lincoln had a restle in New Salem on the hill neare the mill no one Shoed foul play as I remember, but I think Jack loosed his holts and caught Lincoln rather by the legs and partly threw him I did not think it fairly done. thare was like to be a fuss but was Setled, I notised Lincoln standing with his back against a Store house neare by whare they wrestled and a crowd of men Standing around him he Seamed to be undanted & fearless. if I remember rite the bet was made by Offet though not Sure

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