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The Gallant Son of the West.


AIR--"Our flag is there."

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1. WESTWARD the star of empire's way,
And formeth Freedom's brightest ray;
Slave-dealers do the light deplore,
For they man's dearest rights ignore.

2. All radiant with the glow of youth,
And sterner majesty of truth,
Most powerful, though young in years,
The great, the glorious West appears.

3. Her hardy sons, inured to toil,
Consecrated her virgin soil
To Freedom, and the rights of man--
Slave-owners, only, hate the plan.

4. It was the West, whose mighty voice,
Shouted for "ABE" the people's choice,
To guide the sinking ship of State
O'er boiling seas of awful fate.

5. To him we look with jealous pride,
And to his hands our trust confide;
Well knowing that his name is free
From every stain of infamy.

6. He is our hope in this dread hour,
When gold is prostituting power;
Which canker has now reached the tree
Of mangled, bleedings Liberty.

7. A watchful guardian of the right,
When trusted with the people's might,
He'll prove the truest and the best--
For they have tried him in the West.