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554. Joseph E. McDonald (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Aug 28 88.

Met L. first in 1856 — was in Cong. 49 to 50 wth [Indiana congressman?] In 56 was elec Atty Gen In 56 — Met L at Danville — In Jan '65 consulted L. as to military trials — L — told about record —

In 1858 met at Danv. with Swett L. & others who had returned from adj. Co. & were discussing murder trial when L pros & Swett def — & def was insanity. They were telling it in MCormacks hotel when McD asked for name of def. — Isaac Wyant — McD saw he had def — in Ind for evry crime in calender. Next day L. asked MD on way to Court House if "Wyant was possuming" L. said "I wasnt certain W. was possuming — Said if he thought he was W was insane he didnt want to push him — if he didnt realize crime he didn't want to punish him

Int as Consp trials — McD & H. spent an entire evening till 11 PM. with L

1864 — [Mort?] [T?] McDonald —

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 2



1. There is a much-expanded version of this interview in H&W (1889), 556 — 57n.