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47. Henry Pirtle to William H. Herndon.

Louisville, 27 June 1865.

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 10th instant was received several days ago, and would have been answered at once, but I have been very unwell.

My father, when I was young, lived within a mile of Mordecai Lincoln, and a half mile, or less, from Josiah Lincoln, the older brothers of Thomas Lincoln, the father of the President. I knew them as intimately as a young person could know men of their age, and I went to school with their children. These Lincolns were excellent men, — plain, moderately educated, candid in their manners and intercourse, and looked upon as honorable as any men I have ever heard of. Mordecai Lincoln was the oldest son, and his father having been killed by the Indians before the law of primogeniture was repealed, (for the repealing act took effect on the first of Jan. 1787) he inherited a very competent estate — The others were poor.

The President was born some distance from the place where I lived in Washington County, and I did not know him until after he had arrived at manhood. He was born in Hardin County.

I have sent your letter to Hon. Samuel Haycraft of Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Ky.

Very Respectfully
Henry Pirtle.

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