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We Have a Man Whom Freedom Hails.


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1. OUR fathers were a noble band,
And left for us a happy land;
From British tyranny set free,
They paved the way to liberty.

We have a man whom freedom hails
Who once was good at mauling rails;
He'll maul the spoilsmen with delight,
Then beat and scoop 'em all outright.

2. Such patriots for freedom hail,
We're bound their enemies to "flail;"
They "lam'd" the British with delight,
And put their army all to flight.
Chorus. For we've a man, &c.

3. Now Southern tyrants curse and swear,
Our glorious fabric down they'll tear
Disunion has become their cry,
To "rule and ruin" ere they die.
Chorus.--Fore we've a man, &c.

4. Four years ago they chose a man
To carry out their hellish plan.
Jimmy's misrule will soon be o'er,
And of his like we'll have no more.
Chorus.--For we've a man, &c.

5. He told the Judges to declare
That slavery should go everywhere--
To let the Northern people know
They'd "crush out Freedom" at a blow.
Chorus.--For we've a man, &c.

6. Old Roger Taney did decide
That Freedom should be "set aside,"
And all our fair and lovely land
Should yield to Slavery's demand.
Chorus.--For we've a man, &c.

7. Then let us say to one and all:
Just vote for HONEST ABE this Fall;
With him we cannot but prevail,
With him there's no such word as fail.
Chorus.--For we've a man, &c.

F. A. HANEY, Madison, Wis.