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Douglas and Lincoln – Negro Equality.


Tuesday, September 14, 1858.

We find the following, among other paragraphs, with the same heading, in the State Register, Douglas' organ at Springfield:

KEEP IT BEFORE THE PEOPLE. – That one of the living issues before the people of Illinois, at this time, is whether the negro shall be admitted to the right of suffrage, and in other respects placed on the equality with the whites.

It is a matter of doubt whether Douglas or the editor of the Register, is the more addicted to wilful misrepresentations The invention of the above palpable falsehood, we believe, is due to Douglas, and the Register simply gives it currency; but, on the other hand, the Register forged the Resolutions read by Douglas at Ottawa, and the little giant gave that falsehood currency. Which deserves the palm is still a matter of doubt; but we will venture the assertion that Douglas will earn it in the course of another speech or two.