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Hail to the Hero.



Hail to the Hero in triumph advancing,
Honored and blest be Columbia's son;
Still be his power and glory enhancing,
Till each foe is vanquished, the victory won.
Heaven will its blessing send,
Earth shall her voices lend,


Swelling the shout that we echo to-day;
While every hill and glen sends the shout back again,
"Long live the soldier of old Chippewa!"

Ours is no unbeknown head of a faction;
The People have called him to take the command;
Finding the time had arrived for their action,
They've called the Old Hero to rule o'er the land,
Firm as the mountain rock,
Proof against slander's shock,
Facing each danger, let come as it may;
From the North to the South, then,
Echo his praise again,
Who conquered the Briton at old Chippewa!

Shout, Freemen, shout! From your mountains and islands,
Shout for the cause of our party and chief!
Come in your might form your valleys and highlands;
Come, for the time for our marching is brief,
Then shall pure Freedom's flame
Burn bright around his name,
Forming a halo above him to play;
While each crag, hill and glen,
Takes up the shout again,
"We fought and conquered with old Chippewa."