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Old Abe's Rake.


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Air. -- Old Dan Tucker. W. P. D.

It really makes one feel quite bad
To see the Locos look so sad,
They must have heard some solemn news,
Look how they tremble in their shoes.

Chorus, They find the people all awaking,
And the dry bones round them shaking,
The Locos fear an awful raking
From the rake Old Abe is making.

The greatest thing about this rake,
It cannot split, not will it break,
For head and teeth, and e'en the stale
Are all made from a Lincoln Rail.

And the people, &c.

Now when this rake is fairly done,
Look out my lads for sport and fun,
Old Abe will rake poor Jimmy's craft
From deck to hold, both fore and aft.

For the people, &c.

The way old Jimmy got the chair,
The people say was hardly fair,
He used both bribes and cheats at will,
And made the people foot the bill.

But the people, &c.

Now this is what the people say,
We want out man it we must pay,
And we are bound to have him too,
Old Abe, the Honest, firm and true.