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Anthem of the Free.


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Up arise! the country's calling
Hear the shout from hill and dale,
Drums are beating, clarions sounding
Freedom rides on every gale,
See oppression Flies before us,
And our joyous anthems ring:
While Columbia's glorious eagle,
On our banner furls its wing.

Up, arise! our cause is cheering,
Giving life to bond and free;
Every heart with joy is beating,
At our watchword, Victory;
Happy country! noble nation!
Let us all united stand,
And oppression drive forever,
From our brave and glorious land.

Hear the distant trumpet sounding,
Hear the shouts of Freemen rise;
Over every hill and valley,
Swift the note of Freedom flies;
Up, arise! the country's calling,
Let us all united be;
Hail Columbia! brave Republic!
Shout the anthem of the free.