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Fusion in a Bell.


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1. I've oft heard it said and I think it is true.
We're never to old to learn something new,
But the funniest thing I have heard for a while,
Is trying to mix hot water with oil.

Tis funny to see what some folks will do,
For what they call honor, and little cash to
But this cheating and bribing I'm sure all agree,
Are very mean things which we don't like to see.

Now some very cute chaps have turned up a Bell
In which they pretend 'twould mix very well,
But they know all the while they're cheating like sin,
For the water won't mix, while the oil will strike in.

But 'tis funny, &c.


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Now when they are done 'twill surely be found
They've got an old Bell that never will sound;
And the fools might have known that the Bell would sure spoil,
If they filled up the pores with Government oil.

Oh, 'tis funny, &c.

Now the water is spoiled, and the oil is all lost,
While the Bell will not bring one half its first cost;
And the only safe thing the parties can do
Is to get rid of their stock and try something new.

And 'tis funny, &c.

My honest advise as a friend would then be,
To take a trip west one LINCOLN to see,
He's always at home, quite seldom it fails,
And he'll give you a job a getting out Rails.

Yes, 'tis funny, &c.