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Fremont, the Choice of the Nation


TUNE -- The Red, White and Blue.

FOR Fremont's the choice of the nation --
The pride of the fearless and free!
We'll drink to his health and his station,
Though Fillmore has come o'er the sea.
His heart beats for freedom remaining
On the soil where fond liberty grew --
He's for our pioneers sustaining
The free flag -- the red, white and blue.


There are lands where millions are yearning
For freedom from tyranny's chain,
Though to Kansas our efforts are turning
To keep her from slavery's stain.
For Fremont, he stands with devotion,
And swears to the Union he's true;
He crosses o'er mountain to ocean,
And plants there the red, white and blue.

No sectional bands e'er shall sever
The bonds our forefathers wrought;
"The Union, for ever and ever!"
Unsullied, unstained, and unbought,
Is the watchword from Fremont we borrow,
And he stands by his promise so true;
Then who will their leader not follow,
When he bears the red, white and blue?

Our voices are joined, then, for union;
The stars and the stripes are above;
Huzza for the man that we love,
Huzza, all! for Fremont and Dayton!
The old Union ship, when well guided,
'T will be found that her timbers are true,
And soon will the storm have subsided
That threatened the red, white and blue.