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153. Jesse K. Dubois to Henry C. Whitney.

Springfield 6th April 1865.

Dear Whitney

Your favor is before me. I have Known the Hon. M.W. Delahay for a good many years and always favorably: and indeed he is one of those sort of men who improves wonderfully on acquaintance. I should say without fear of successful contradiction upon all correct rules as applied to any other man than the President that he D. had his whole Confidence for Mr Delahay was Lincolns friend long ago: and to my certain Knowledge he L. trusted in 1860. his destiny so far as Kansas was Concerned to his hands and since being made President has made him 1st Surveyor General and upon the death of Hon. A. Williams District Judge and I should hope he is still his friend. I Know of no gentleman of all my acquaintance who I think is more trustworthy and reliable and who never in adversity or prosperity stands more steadfast to his friends than Delahay. And if by my going on my hands and Knees to Kansas would secure him the position I would as cheerfully do it as I ever went to my meals. I have seen him tried and Know him to be true —

Lincoln is a singular man and I must Confess I never Knew him: he has for 30 years past just used me as a plaything to accomplish his own ends: but the moment he was elevated to his proud position he seemed all at once to have entirely changed his whole nature and become altogether a new being — Knows no one and the road to favor is always open to his Enemies whilst the door is hymetically sealed to his old friends. I was not as much disappointed as my friends were at my late defeat as I never did believe Lincoln would appoint me although he time and again urged I had more talent than any of them. But I was his old friend and I could afford to be disappointed

Yours Truly
(signed by) Jesse K. Dubois.

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1. Whitney's reference to Dubois's letter above suggests that it may have been sent with this letter.