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462. John T. Stuart (William H. Herndon Interview).

[by March 2, 1870]

Jno. T. Stuart says

I Knew Mr Lincoln when he first came here and for years afterwards — he was an avowed and open Infidel — Sometimes bordered on atheism. I have often and often heard Lincoln & one W. D Herndon who was a free thinker talk over this Subject. Lincoln went further against Christian beliefs — & doctrines & principles than any man I ever heard: he shocked me — don't remember the Exact line of his argument — Suppose it was against the inherent defects so-called of the Bible & on grounds of reason — Lincoln always denied that Jesus was the Christ of God. — denied that Jesus was the son of God as understood and maintained by the Christian world. The Revd Doct Smith who wrote you a letter tried to Convert Lincoln from Infidelity so late as 1858 and Couldn't do it

Huntington Library: LN2326



1. Appended to the letter from William H. Herndon to Ward Hill Lamon, Mar. 2, 1870.