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Campaign Song.


Dedicated to the Douglas and Johnson club, of Olean.


TUNE – "Oh, carry me till I die."

OH, Greeley! I'll leave the course,
Bill Seward and I are undone,
The rails you fastened on to my back
I'm sure will weigh a ton.
You said that all would be well,
And for friends I should not lack –
That the nigger would carry his end of the rail,
While you would carry the back.

CHORUS – Oh, dear! I am played out,
My crooked rails are no go,
I'm sure I can't figure with my big nigger,
Against these Locofocos.

Oh, Greeley! Oh, Greeley! You said
The Hindoos would surely come in;
You said they would surely vote for me,
And that I was sure to win.
But your word has always proved false,
You've lied me into a scrape;
Oh! what shall I do with my rails –
Oh, Greeley! You've sealed my fate.

CHORUS – Oh, dear! I am played out, etc.

Then farewell to all of the crew,
Weed, Greeley, Seward and all –
For the Little Giant's had mighty good luck,
Ever since he straddled his ball.
New York her thousands will bring
For Douglas and Johnson and all,
Whilst old Pennsylvania surely will sing
Twenty thousand for Douglas this Fall.

CHORUS – Oh, dear! I am played out, etc.


Then, Democrats, be up and dressed,
While Douglas our motto shall be;
We go for our candidate far and near,
For he's the right nominee.
So, bolters, you'd better back down –
For Douglas never will fail
To beat John Breckinridge, Lincoln and all,
And carry them off on a rail.

CHORUS – Oh, dear! I am played out, etc.

Oh, what does it mean? Says Abe;
Oh, what does it mean, Greeley dear?
Douglas is out – do you hear the shout?
I fear – oh, Horace! I fear.
Are you sure the procession's for him?
Are you sure that Douglas has come?
If this be the case, I'll give up the chase,
And pack up my rails and go home.

CHORUS – Oh, dear! I am played out, etc.