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Commentary on the Journal.


Thursday, August 5, 1858.

The democracy are in favor of thrusting slavery upon every foot of our territory, whether the people wish it or not. – Journal.

The writer of the above knew he was uttering what is not true. In regard to this negro question, (the life blood of the republican party,) the democracy are opposed to interfering with any man's legal rights. And when the people of a territory ask admission into the Union as a State, the democratic party say they may have slaves or not, may "vote slavery up or down," as my seem to them best. In other words, the democratic party say the people may make their own laws and institution – "and Mr. Douglas is their representative man." The republican party, on the other hand, propose to establish the institutions of a territory without reference to the wishes of the people, so definitely, as to forever preclude any change, no matter what may be their wishes in the premises.