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The Sinner's Invitation.


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6S & 7S.
By permission, from "Wesleyan Sacred Harp."

1. Sinner go, will you go,
To the highlands of heaven?
Where the storms never blow,
And the long summer's given.
Where the bright blooming flowers
Are their odors emitting,
And the leaves of the bowers,
In the breezes are flitting.

2. Where the rich golden fruit
In bright clusters are pending,
And the deep laden boughs
Of life's fair tree are bending,
And where life's crystal stream
Is unceasingly flowing,
And the verdure is green,
And eternally growing.

3. Where the saints robed in white,
Cleansed in life's flowing fountain,
Shining beauteous and bright,
Shall inhabit the mountain.
Where no sin nor dismay,
Neither trouble nor sorrow
Shall be felt for a day,
Nor be feared for the morrow.

4. He's prepared thee a home;
Sinner, canst thou believe it?
And invites thee to come;
Sinner, wilt thou receive it?
O come, sinner, come,
For the tide is receding,
And the Saviour will soon,
And forever cease pleading.