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95. David Turnham to William H. Herndon.

Dale Ind. Oct. 12th 1865.

Dear friend:

I received your favor and was glad to hear of your good health. After you left my house I remmembered having brought with me to this county two books which Mr. Lincoln read frequently, one was entitled "Sinabad the Sailor", the other was entitled "Scotts lessons". I thought I could find a part of the latter, and in searching for that, I found an old Law book, that I had, when Abe and I were associates, and he would come to my house and set and read it, and I think it was the first law book he ever saw. Thinking it might be of some interest to you, I got my son to write a few lines and take it and the book to you, expecting he would find you at Gentryville, but when he got there, Mr. Grigsby told him you had started home sick, but he (Mr. Grigsby) would send them to you by express, and I suppose you will get it.

I have no other information that you wish, but if I should come in possession of any I will forward it.

Respectfully Yours
D. Turnham.

Please, if you get that book write me word.


Huntington Library: LN2408, 1:177 — 78



1. A photostat of the original manuscript of this letter is in the files of the Abraham Lincoln Association, ISHL, but the location of the original is unknown. The Springer transcription given here appears to differ slightly from the original in accidentals and word order but not in substance.

2. See §85, note 3.