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Fremont and Dayton; or, YANKEE DOODLE REVIVED


HURRAH, my lads! throughout the land,
This canvass presidential,
by law and constitution planned,
Is very consequential.
The question of the candidatte
Is one there's no debate on;
We'll go it strong, we'll pile it great
For Fremont and for Dayton.


Fremont and Dayton -- they're the men;
We certainly shall need 'em,
To give our country peace again,
And save our birthright -- Freedom.


If you would like to know their creed,
And what there is that's in it,
I'll tell you, if you will but heed,
In less than half a minute.
Free territories, pulpits free
To preach free truths so great on;
Freedom, Free Speech, Free Schools, Free Press,
Free Men, Fremont and Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

Fremont and Dayton -- they're the men
Who rise at Freedom's call, sir,
To "beard the lion in his den,
The Douglas in his hall," sir.
Old General Scott once ate his soup,
Which was a "hasty" plate on;
But now he'll go a hastier swoop
For Fremont and for Dayton,

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

If Mr. Marcy's pantaloons
Have any new-made rents, sir,
I guess Fremont will sew them up
For less than fifty cents, sir.
Say, did you feel those Cain-ish blows
Sumner that fell such weight on?
Well, there's a balm, for wounds like those,
In Fremont and in Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.

Old issues now we'll cast away,
A goblin is astride us;
An incubus is bearing sway,
And trying hard to ride us.


Perhaps, to close, you'd like a toast --
Then here you have a great 'un:
Long may they live to rule the roast,
Fremont the brave, and Dayton.

CHORUS. -- Fremont and Dayton, &c.