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I'se A Happy Darkie.


I'se a happy darkie,
Always blithe and gay;
Sing and dance, and dance and sing,
All de liblong day.
Neber went to college,
Neber had de chance;
But den I play de banjo,
When de darkies dance.

I'se a happy darkie, &c.

Farder was a brack man,
Mudder brack man too;
"Uncle Ned" he was my aunt;
So was "Cynthy Sue."
"Old Joe" was my brodder,
And sailed de "Floating Scow;"
"Dan Tucker" hold de horses,
When I drove de plow.

I'se a happy darkie &c.

Massa told me often,
When I'm old as he,
Den he'll gib me papers
Dat will set me free.
Massa now is forty-six —
I'm but twenty-three;
Got to live as long again,
Before I'm old as he.

I'se a happy darkie, &c.