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The American's Battle Prayer.


TUNE -- "Druids' Chorus, Norma."

Oh, Washington, our sainted sire,
Pour in our souls thy patriot fire,
Against the foul conspiring foe,
Arouse each patriot heart below,
Each freeman's soul then bounding,
Like waves the rocks surrounding,
Shall raise his battle blade on high,
Till ev'ry foe shall prostrate lie.

Yes, on ev'ry blood stained field,
Where Texian hearts swore ne'er to yield,
Or by Oregon's proud rocky height,
The foe shall feel a freeman's might,
'Neath swords and banners gleaming,
The foe with life blood streaming,
Shall yield each rightful soil our own,
And freedom's sons shall rule alone.
'Neath swords and banners, &c.