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For Abe Shall Have the Belt.


Words by S.
Music arranged by HENRY TUCKER.

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Oh, hear you not the wild huzzas,
That come from every State,
For honest Uncle Abram L.,
The people's candidate.

He is our choice, our nominee,
A self-made man and true;
We'll show the Democrats this fall
What honest Abe can do.

[Quartette: Chorus]
Then give us Abe, and Hamlin too,
To guide our gallant ship,
With Seward, Sumner, Chase, and Clay,
And then a merry trip.


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Come, Uncle Buck, you'd better go,
While you can see the way;
I fear your nerves won't stand the shock,
On next election day.
So take your hat — what's that you say?
You are so cold you shiver —
Why, that's the way you'll feel, my dear,
When sailing up Salt River.

Chorus. — Then give us Abe, &c.

I hear that Dug is half inclined,
To give us all leg-bail,
Preferring exercise on foot
To riding on a rail.
For Abe has one already mauled
Upon the White House plan;
If once Dug gets astride of that,
He is a used-up man.
Chorus. — Then give us Abe, &c.

Come, rally with us here to-night,
Be "Wide Awake" for fun,
For we shall surely win the day,
Before old sixty-one.
From North to South, from East to West,
Our power shall be felt,
I tell you fight with all your might,
For Abe shall have the Belt.
Chorus. — Then give us Abe, &c.