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A Voyage Up Salt River.

AIR — Carry me back to Old Virginia.

The times have been, when honest men
Were at the head of state,
But scheming knaves and party slaves
Have been in luck of late;
But clear the track for brave old Zack,
From the north to the southern shore,
And honest men will rule again,
As they did in the days of yore.
Then join the throng with about and song.
For Taylor and Fillmore,
And brave old Zack will bring us back,
The good old times of yore.

O James K. Polk we thought it a joke
In eighteen forty-four,
When you were named for President
By your friends at Baltimore.
But we'll look out what we're about.
Before it gets too late,
And we'll have no such cruel joke
Payed off in forty-eight.
Come join the throng &c.

O Lewis Cass! what a silly ass,
You made yourself appear,
When the Cleveland boys made such a noise,
That the people could not hear,
When old Judge Wood on the rostrum stood,
And put a flea in your ear,
Your voice got weak and you could not speak,
For you quaked all o'er with fear
Come join the throng, &c.

O Lewis Cass! You ne'er can sit
In the Presidential chair
For "circumstances won't admit,
Of your attendance" there;
And Little Mat, you're down so flat
You ne'er can rise any more
So, up Salt River, pilot Case,
For you've been there before.
Come join the throng with shout and son;
For Taylor and Fillmore,
And brave old Zack will bring us back
The good old days of yore.