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Petition to Governor John Wood for a Pardon in the Case of Emanuel Fowler.

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To his Excellency John Wood Governor of the State of Illinois.

The undersigned your petitioners, citizens of Shelby County Illinois, beg lease to inform Your Excellency that at the last term of the Circuit Court of Said County one Emanuel Fowler was convicted of an assault upon one Jeremiah Southers and sentenced therefor to the penitentiary for the term of one year. Your petitioners believing from all the circumstances let in the case, that the punishment and sentence of the Said Fowler for the offence, committed is too severe and that, he has already received more than, sufficient punishment, for Said offence. Pray that your Excellency will pardon the said Fowler.

[John Beauchamp?]
[Jacob Cutler?]
[James Cutter?]
[Peter Fleming?]
[B. Roberts?]
[B. F. Frazen]
[E. ?]
[John Marit?]
[John Meakly?] Juror
[Jas. B?] Juror
[K. M. ?] Juror
[G. A. Durken?]
[George Cunningham?]
[Jesse Sever?] Juror
[L. B. Williams?]
[William W. James?]
[Dan ?]

This list includes all the jurors in the case.