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Old "Lundy's Lane."



Fling out, fling out,
With song and shout,
Our banners from the wall;
The old hero
Of Mexico,
Receives his country's call.
A thousand times,
In many climes,
Hath victory graced his brow;
Shall we fall back,
In this attack,
And leave his colors now?

CHORUS -- At 'em again,
Old "Lundy's Lane;"
From Maine to Georgia's shore,
Our battle-cry
Is "do or die --
For Union, evermore."

The Locos grin,
And think they'll win,
By shouting "feathers and fuss!"
"Soup," they say,
Can't gain the day,
In a Presidential muss!
But "Lundy's Lane,"
'Tis very plain,
Can well afford to smile,
When such small game
Attack his fame --
Why don't they size his pile?

CHORUS -- At 'em again, &c.


Without a speck,
Flings up against the skies
The flag we raise,
With songs of praise,
"Union and Compromise."
The South will stand,
A steady band,
With North, and East, and West;
Now Locos, pray,
Do fire away,
We're charging, all abreast!

CHORUS -- At 'em again, &c.