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388. Charles S. Zane (William H. Herndon Interview).

[1865 — 66]

C. S. Zane

I was present in the Illinois State Journal on the day when Lincoln was nominated: he was present & when he received the news of the 3d Ballot. Lincoln Said I Knew it would Come to this when I Saw the 2d. Ballot. When _________ came in with the Ballot — the 3d one he cried out 3 cheers for the next Presdt. — . Lincoln was sitting down — rose up — the 3d dispatch was handed to him: he then Said I Knew it would Come to this — L. was cool, but you could see he felt well: Lincoln Said "I must go home: there is a little short woman there that is more interested in this Matter than I am". As Lincoln came down stairs to go home he was met by a number of Irish & American Citizens at the foot of the Stairs at the Journal office, who Congratulated him on the nomination. Mr L said — "Boys you had better come and shake hands with me now that you have an oppertunity — for you do not Know what influence this nomination may have on me. I am human, you Know.

As Mr Lincoln wended his way home, the People look at him and after him — watching his steps, saying to enquiring friends — There goes Lincoln —

Lincoln played ball pretty much all the dy before his nomination — played at what is called fives — Knocking a ball up against a wall that served as an alley — He loved this game — his only physical game — that I Knew of — Lincoln said — This game makes my shoulders feel well.

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