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Thursday, October 7, 1858.

If the opposition ever elect their man for President, it will be when the Fremont and Fillmore men are acting all over the free States as harmoniously as they are in Illinois. – Chicago Democrat.

Here is Republican authority that the Republicans and Know-Nothings are united in Illinois, and yet the Republicans have the impudence to ask Germans and Irish to vote with that party.

Again the same Republican paper says.

"In Massachusetts all the Americans agreeing with the Republicans upon the slavery question have united with the Republican party, and it is called the American Republican party, and Mr. Banks is the candidate of this American Republican party for Governor. In the same sense is Mr. Lincoln the candidate of the American Republican party in Illinois for U.S. Senator."

"The contest appears to us to be between men differing only in name. One party calls themselves American and the other calls themselves Republican.

The Know-Nothings and Republican are the same in principles, only differing in name. Both think a negro is better than a foreign born citizen. Both think that foreigners should remain in this country 21 years before they should vote.