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Opening Song for Republican Clubs.


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Song performed by: Chad Sheridan, Jason Schreiber (vocals) and Tara Dirst (banjo). Recording engineer: Matt Dotson.

By W. P. D.

We meet in freedom's sacred cause,
For rights our fathers won,
To vindicate the noble laws
Bequeathed to us, their sons.

Chorus, We'll guard the rights so bravely won
By men of olden times,
The rights so dear to Washington
"In days of Auld Lang Syne."

Through fields of blood our fathers fought,
This freedom to obtain,
And though to them 'twas dearly bought,
Their loss to us was gain.

Chorus, We'll guard, &c.

May party strife and discord cease,
And we a faithful band,
The people's rights and nation's peace,
Protect throughout the land.

Chorus, We'll guard, &c.

May harmony and peace prevail,
E'er all our actions here,
And may the Union long abide
From vile corruption clear.

Chorus, We'll guard, &c.