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Letter from Robert Stuart to David Leavitt Concerning an Upcoming Land Sale

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Chicago Augt 5= 1848

David Leavitt Esqr.

Dear Sir
I arrived here safe & sound, last night - find all well - Mr. Loop has been absent in New York for the last 3 weeks, which has much deranged operations here; and there seems to be some conflicting opinions as to the best mode of offering the lands for sale, which may prevent final action until your arrival, when all may have to be changed - I therefore hope you will be here not later than the 20~ inst~, you will find abundance to do, and the system should be perfected before you begin the sales, - It would be highly disreputable not to have matters m the best order - all eyes will be upon you, & every effort made to find fault.--

The tolls are handsome, say about $30,000, but the repairs &c: are very heavy, & will continue to be so until until next spring--

I have written Capt. Swift to hurry on; & hope you will back me, for depend upon its being needful -

Truly yours

Robert Stuart