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Anxious Stephen!


AIR—"Cynthia Sue."

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1. Stephen's on the anxious seat,
He'd like to rule this nation;
He thought at Charleston, without doubt,
He'd get the nomination.
Chorus—Stephen, oh! Stephen,
You will not do at all,
You did slip up at Charleston,
And got a mighty fall.

2. 'Tis said you stumbled o'er a rail,
One of Abe Lincoln's mauling,
And Democrats, o'er Lincoln's rails,
Will constantly be falling.—Chorus.

3. The mention of your name, 't is said,
Makes Mr. Yancey hot,
And Yancey and his friends declare
They'll make the Squatter squat.—Chor.

4. Abe Lincoln's rails are all as straight
And sound as they can be,
He never made a cut at all,
But from a "pop'lar" tree.—Chorus.

5. Stephen went to Baltimore,
And got a nomination,
Amid the wreck and the uproar
Of final separation.—Chorus.

6. The North went north, the South went south,
The storm was loud and louder,
And every man opened his mouth,
To talk of pistols and gunpowder.—Chor.