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Who's Dat Knocking at the Door?


Down in de woods arter coons one night,
Dar I seed a great big light;
De bulgine scared me so I tought I was no more,
An I run so hard aginst de house, my head went through the door.

Who's dat knocking at de door?
Who's dat knocking at de door?
FIRST VOICE. Is dat you, Sam?
SECOND VOICE. No, it is Jim.
THIRD VOICE. You aint good looking, an you can't come in;
And its no use a knocking at de door any more,
Its no use a knocking at de door.

I hab often heard tell ob niggas habin wives,
But I neber heard tell ob one dat had nine lives;
She was deformed in de limbs, and she had a crooked jaw,
Come from an accident dat happened wid de door,

Who's dat knocking, &c.

I dress myself up when I get done my work,
And I went to a dance to see de wenches flirt;
Dar was a bulldog in front, and he stretched out his paw,
An he jerked off my coat-tail a going in de door.

Who's dat knocking, &c.


Old Dan Tucker and Dandy Jim is dead;
They both got killed, a butting with their head;
They both had a fuss, and you ought to hear them swore —
That's the way they met their death, a butting at the door.

Who's dat knocking, &c.