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176. Charles Friend to William H. Herndon.

Hodgenville Mar 19th 1866

Dear Sir

yours of the 28th ult. was received.

Abh. Lincoln was born 3 Miles South of this place on a farm now owned by Richard Creal, Though there are others that say he was born on there Land (Mr Jno B Cates & Mr Wm Cisell,) it seems that there was Small houses or Cabins on each of ther Lands, Close to the spring that is on Mr Creal's farm, but the old People all are of the opinion that Mr Creal has the best Claim. Mr Cates Promised to give me a plat of this District, or as you would say Township, and as soon as he Complies, I will send it forward,

Thomas Lincoln came from Bullit County to this then Hardin, now Larue and bought the farm above spoken of (Mr C's) and there remained until after the birth of the President some 4 or 6 years, he then moved to Knob Creek. Not being able to pay for the farm on which he then lived and Settled on a Small farm now owned by Hon N A Rapier, our ex reps. to the Legislature of Ky. He moved from Knob Creek to Ind. though be fore he took his family he wet to look for his new Home, he left this country in a flat Boat, Launched at or near the mouth of knob Creek, wher the Litle Town of New Haven now stands. don't know how long he was gon, he then Came back for his family Consisting of his wife 3 Children, a girl & Two boys, this time he went by Land Through Elizabeth town, in a Small Wagon, don't know whi he crossed the Ohio.

Mr A L went to Two School Masters Calib Hazle and one Riney. Hazle taught on my Grand Fathers C. Friend Farm, and to get to the school house he had to go some 3 ˝ Miles. don't know Whr Riney Taught. but will see Further.

I do not knot how they Spelt their Mames (but supose they Spelt same as Now,) but they wer called Linkhorn. that proves nothing as the old settlers had a way of pronouncing names as the pleasd They Called Meedcalf, Cass, Kastor, they pronounced Custurd &c Thomas Lincoln and wife was Baptist, and belonged to the Little Mount Church. he (Thomas) was Baptized in the Rolling fork by _______,

Sallie Friend sayes the Hank Family Came from Penv. near Friends Cove, and the Lincolns came from Va.

Rev. Jno Duncan says when he was quite small he recolets to have gone hunting with the President on Nolin and to have run a ground hog in a Clift of Rock


on the side of the creek with there dogs. he says Abl Seemed determined to not give up the chase until the hog was caught and proposed to go for tools to try and prize him out,

Mr B. A. Gollaher sayes once when he and the President was playing on the bank of Knob Creek, They Concluded to Cross to the other side of the stream and to accomplish there objact they wer Compelled to either "Coon" a small Sycamore Pole or waide. they prefered the first he (Gollaher) trided it first and landed safe on the other side of "Jordan" but as the Presiden was about the Center of the stream he lost his balance and went headlong into the creek where the water was som 5 or 6 feet deep, Gollaher saye he Cralled out on the Pole again and by giving him his hand he so assisted him as to enable him to get to shore. Gollaher sayes they had no settled games. that he recolects of and it was their custom to climb up the high Knobs and Trees, Lincoln he say took a delite in excelling in each and evry sport the Might engage in.

Yours Truly
Chas Friend

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