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503. Michael Marion Cassidy to Jesse W. Weik.

Mt. Sterling, Ky. March 10th 188[7]

Dear Sir

Your two letters are before me, and I hasten therefore to briefly respond.

I am a busy man of my age — being Sixty Years Old, and am from home at Least half my time at present. — As you will See from the heading of My paper I am engaged in Mineing Sixty Six Miles from the City of Mt Sterling Ky — Where I reside. Should You come to Ky. I would be pleased to have you come to My house in the City after Thursday in the Week, for I am at My Mines generally the first three days in each week.

I will give you Such information as has come down to Me from Many Sources in the way of tradition. Of Course I know Nothing personally. I have conversed with Many old persons within the past thirty five Years that assumed to know from personal knolledge all about his Paternal & Maternal Ancestors. The facts Concerning his paternity has been Spoken of by Many of the old people of Bourbon County as — undoubted facts thirty years ago.

I will be able to give you Som information as to where and who to call on for information. I have heard about all the traditions. I Suppose that were Surely believed in this country thirty years ago by hundreds of persons. — There could as far back as 1856 have been quite a No of certificates obtained from Men that they Saw him the day after his birth in the County of his birth. and as to his Mother it is possible you can trace her family — I have known many of those Said to belong to the Same relationship or family of Hornbacks.

Just come to my house and keep your mission to yoursel. — and I will be pleased to give you all the information privately — I am a Modest & humble Man — and My Maternal ancestor connects Somewhat with Mr Lincolns unwritten history — on his paternal Side. — If tradition is true My Sainted Mother and Mr Lincoln were very near Kin. Hence I Say to keep your mission — quietly to yoursel. as My family have always refused to be intervided — which I think was just and proper — as the record of our family — both paternal & maternal have been Spotless & pure.


I have been requested by many authors to give them what has long been believed as to the begetting & birth of this Great man in the family — but have thus far not done so for the reason of family pride and objections — on the part of my Mothers Kinsmen. I Shall be pleased to See you at my house in Mt Sterling Ky. Write Me as to time — and I will try to be at home.

Yours very Truly.
M. M. Cassidy.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 5269