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500. Jasper Rutledge (William H. Herndon Interview).

Petersburg Mch. 9th '87

Jasper Rutledge — Treasurer of Menard Co — I am 50 years of age — am related to Ann Rutledge: She died before I was born — have heard much. My brother J. M. Rutledge knows all about the story of Ann Rutledge — McNamar & Lincoln. Ann Rutledge and McNamar were engaged to be married. In making out some deeds McNamar signed the deed as McNamar — when McNamar called himself McNeil. This opened Anns Eyes — McNeil — ie McNamar went to New York about 1834 — did not write much to Ann if any. Ann found out that McNeils' name — his real name, was McNamar and not McNeil — quit correspondend, if they ever corresponded. Ann dropt McNamar — saying that she would have nothing to do with a man with two names — Lincoln in 1834 — 5 seeing the


way things were tending went to see Ann — he boarded at Rutledges and Ann & Lincoln were engaged to be married. My brother knows this as well as he knows anything — he has told me this substantially. Ann sent for Lincoln in her last sickness. I am the double cousin to Ann — see my brother James McGrady Rutledge and he will tell you all about it: he lives north west from this place 3 ˝ miles. Ann dropt McNamar entirely — McNamar did not get back from New York till after Ann's death.

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 3365



1. James McGrady Rutledge.

2. Ann's father, James, and Jasper's father, William, were brothers, and Jasper's mother was also related to the Rutledges.

3. Marginal note: The universal reputation of the old people here and about here is that Lincoln & Ann Rutledge were engaged to be married. have examined many persons and all agree &c. Herndon. Also in the margin: 1837 shown subtracted from 1887 with a result of 50.