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Dream of Home.

I dream of my home, happy home of my childhood,
Where life's sunny morning passed sweetly away;
I dream of the cot that stood by the wildwood,
Around which the young birds sang sweet all the day.

Chorus. Father, of you — Mother, of you —
Sisters, Brothers all, I dream of you.


In slumber I hear happy voices still singing,
Echoed o'er valley and hill far away;
I hear from yon green the old banjo now ringing,
To which all the darkies are dancing so gay.

Chorus. Father, &c.

Oh! sad was the hour when my bright home forsaking,
I roamed amid strangers cold-hearted and vain;
But now I am weary — my poor heart is breaking —
Take me, oh! take me to my dear home again.

Chorus. Father, &c.