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A Threat Coming Home


August 28, 1858.

When at Ottawa, Mr. Douglas flourished that resolution out of the platform of the State of Aurora, over Mr. Lincoln's head, declared that it was out of the Republican platform of the State of Illinois, pretended that he was in Springfield when it was adopted, and stated day, date and circumstance to corroborate his words; when he threatened to "trot Abraham out," to "bring him to his milk," and otherwise put him through various and sundry equestrian and lacteal exercises, he did not dream that his threats would come home so soon. He thought, perhaps, that he, of all men in Illinois, was the only one who remembered the events of 1854; hence, he howled, he ranted, he bellowed, he pawed dirt, he shook his head, he turned livid in the face, he struck his right hand into his left, he foamed at the mouth, he anathematized, he cursed, he exulted, he domineered, he played Douglas! But now behold him at Galena, yesterday! He maintained none of the characteristics of the leader of the bovine herd. In fact, though he displayed hoofs and horns, he never once roared. But he was brought to the point where he had threatened to bring Lincoln. He was "brought to his milk!" He confessed. Doubt it, you who have heard him "go it" on the stump, during a whole hour, and never once tell the truth; but he confessed -- that he was mistaken! He packed the lie off on the shoulders of some one down about Springfield -- the editor of the Register, or some other sheet that would not be injured by the imputation! Well done, Douglas! Now that the milk has begun to flow, confess your share in the mutilation of Lincoln's speech, and the canvass will go on as before. But next time be chary with your threats.