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The People's Candidate.

The people say there is a man, sir,
To beat the Federalists is the plan, sir,
Who's more than match for all pretenders: —
It is "Old Zack," who ne'er surrenders:
So hurrah, boys, pull strong and steady,
One and all for "Rough and Ready!"

The country's tired of party striving
Which so retards our Nation's thriving,
And hence she calls on Zachary Taylor,
Since nothing else can now avail her.
So hurrah, boys, &c.

The spoilsmen, fearing empty dishes,
Keep their eyes fix'd on loaves and fishes;
They fear, if rule to Zack's confided,
That the spoils will be divided.
So hurrah, boys, &c.

What selfish souls those Locos are,
They won't put up with a rightful share
Although the thing cannot be done,
Declare that they'll have "all or none."
So hurrah, boys, &c.

But if I don't mistake old Zack, sir,
That when he's fairly on the track, sir,
In spite of Benton's humbug — "shiners"
Thy'll come out less than forty-niners.
So hurrah, boys, &c.

They make so frequent use of the Veto,
That every thing they're called to see to,
Docks, &c. to protect the sailor,
Winfield Scott and brave old Taylor,
All — all have felt the Tyrant's power,
In some unpropitious hour.

Hurrah, boys, for Zack and Fillmore
Send the shout from hill to sea shore,
See the votaries of power
Beneath old "Rough and Ready" cower.
So hurrah, boys, pull strong and steady:
One and all, for "Rough and Ready."

Who stands as high for martial valor,
As brave and generous Zachary Taylor?
Who proved to Mexico a twister,
At Monterey and Buena Vista?
For Zachary Taylor, "Rough and Ready,"
Let's put together, strong and steady.