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302. George Spears to William H. Herndon.

Tallula Ills Nov 21st 1866

Dear Sir

yours of 18th inst has jest came to hand & I hast to answer; your Lecture came safe to hand & I read it carfully over & there is nothing in it but what is strictly true your description of New Salem is as corect as can be given as to Mr Lincolns Crazy Spell I do not recollect as it regards the Second Crop of Pioneers your discription is corect as to the flowers on those hills in thos days Spoken of it was like a flower garden; I am very Sorry that my recollection is so poor; for I have seen enough in the first Setling of New Salem & the early history of Mr Lincolns life if I had made Notes of it to have filled a large volum I see things done & said in those days that looked very strang to me comeing out of a civilised cuntry in to this it loocked very Strange to me so much so that I thought I never could reconcile it to my feelings to rais a family in Such a comunity but things have changed & now I feel proud that I live in Such a comunity & Such a cuntry I must close my best respects to your Self & family

Respectfully yours
George Spears

Library of Congress: Herndon-Weik Collection. Manuscript Division. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 2765



1. WHH's lecture on Ann Rutledge, which was printed prior to its delivery on November 16, 1866.