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484. Margaret Ryan (Jesse W. Weik Interview).

Oct. 27 1886

Margaret Ryan — 47 year. Lived at Lincoln House till Feby 1860 — Mrs L was cranky — told M before L. was nominated that she would go to the White House


yet. L hired M. and told her he would pay M. 75˘ More than Ms L. to stay there — not to fuss with Mrs. L. often would put hand on Ms — head and tell her to Keep courage. Ms L would whip Bob a good deal. She was half crazy — black women Jane Jenkins colored woman did not live there — in next block. M went to Washington — saw L at White House — he gave her a pass back home — told her to call next day and get some money &c for clothes for her children — but that night he was assassinated — while in Sp L. went to Taylorville hired M. to stay while his wife was confined — gave birth to boy. Dr Wallace attended her. Ms L. often struck other girls but never struck M. — When L. was leaving for Taylorville his wife ran him out half dressed — as she followed him with broom — he told to Meg not to get scared — that Ms L. would get over it — M had to go and bring him out his clothes — he dressed and went up town through woodhouse & alley — when he returned in evening would come in through kitchen and find out from M. if ML. was all right before going in front of house — At another time saw Mrs L. strike L. on head with piece of wood while reading paper in South Parlor — cut his nose — lawyers saw his face in Court next day but asked no questions

Illinois State Historical Library: Weik Papers, box 2, Memorandum Book 1