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Petition to Governor Augustus C. French for a Pardon in the Case of Henry Heath.

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To the Hon. Augustus C. French Governor of the State of Illinois

The Undersigned respectfully state that at the present form of the Circuit Court of Tazwell County, Henry Heath was convicted of larceny and sentenced to the Penitentiary for one year, That from the facts developed on this trial, as well as from our personal knowledge we are satisfied that this is his first criminal offence that he is quite young and hitherto distained a fair and unblemished character and that even in the opinion of the Jury who tried him there is doubt whether he intended to commit a larceny. We therefore earnestly recommend him as a fit subject for executive clemency believing that the exercise of the pardoning power rested in you will in this case prove acceptable to the people as it will be most Judicious and deserving.

H. O. [unknown]
Geo. L. [Metcalfe?]
[R. Kellogg Jr.?]
P. N. Thompson
Wm. [Wilkey?]
Wm. B. [Parker?]
James Wilson
Wm. [Gaither?]
Samuel C. [Rhoads?]
John Davison
J. B. Doolittle
Wm. Cromwell
John L. Perkins
Abraham [Hoobler?]
John M. [Gipps?]
James B. [Recrey?]
Joel [Davies?]
R. [Helmill?]
John [Bidley?]
Samuel [Porter?]
Alfred G. [Nye?]
George [Grigg?]
Wm. [Finney?]
[E? B. Lickey?]
Peter [Dovore?]
Geo. W. Doolittle


W. B. Doolittle
Conrad [Clousen?]
[M. Young?]
Benj. [Pinday?]
William [Prater?]
Sam. B. [Morris?]
[H. Wisner?]
[Thas C. Meeves?]
[Bernard Baily?]
[C. A. Roberts?]
[B. T. James?]
[Thompson J. S. Felind?]
[Alexander K. Kelley?]
[F. H. Leonard?]
[J. E. Leonard?]
[P. A. Brown?]
[John C. Morrison?]
[Conrad Westismann?]
[N. Hitchcock?]
[H. Myers?]
[G. W. Freeman?]
[R. L. Gill?]
[Jacob Dourney?]
[Capt. Wm. Devinney?]
[? Haimes?]
[? L. Wikay?]
[John Hutchison?]
[? Cazewell?]
[J. L. Doyle?]
[Wm. Dooley?]
[David Ewbank?]
[J. N. White Juror?]

Alexander St. Kellogg E.P.W. Leonard whose signatures appear above are the persons from whom the property was stolen.

Thompson J. S. Hind refer to A. Lincoln Esq.


The signers to this petition are excellent citizens
A. Lincoln