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Oregon and Texas.


TUNE -- "Dan Tucker."

Hark! Freedom's eagle loudly calls,
His cry rings through our hills and halls,
He calls to arms each freedom's son,
For Texas and for Oregon.
Then march away,
Then march away,
March away, 'tis freedom beck us,
On for Oregon and Texas.

All Mexico's foul traitor hordes,
Have threatened us by boasting words;
But for big words we'll give them deeds,
Until each croaking tyrant bleeds.
Then march away, &c.

On San Jicinto's bloody plain,
Her murdered sons shall rise again,
And cry aloud on to the war,
"Remember our foul massacre."
Then march away, &c.

Then shall each freeman's bright eye glow,
For vengeance on the murd'rous foe,
The spot where ev'ry patriot fell,
Shall echo ev'ry tyrant's knell.
Then march away, &c.

Then freemen rouse from south to north,
Come quickly arm, and boldly forth,
Come raise on high the Texas star,
And Oregon's proud flag of war.
Then march away, &c.


Beneath each flag we'll brave the foe,
From Britian into Mexico,
And on the sea, or o'er the land,
We'll fight till they give up each strand.
Then march away, &c.