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Me and Eliza.


I am deep in love with a yaller gal,
The one you saw me with today,
That caused the white folks to stare so,
As we were passing down Broadway.

Darkies sigh, as we pass by,
And roll their eyes at me and Eliza.


De first time dat I saw Eliza,
De wedder it was very warm
She was carryin' home her mother's washin',
A basket full hung on her arm.

Darkies sigh, &c.

Her daddy fetches home de water,
Her mammy washes for de gents;
An' Eliza, like a clever daughter,
Hangs dem to dry upon de fence.

Darkies sigh, &c.

Her mammy she got down upon me,
An' wallop'd me with a broomstick,
Kase she heard me say I lub'd Eliza,
Harder dan a horse could kick.

Darkies sigh, &c.

I told her I was gwine to leabe her,
An' come to take my last goodbye;
She fainted an' fell ober de wash-tub,
An' filled my handkerchief wid cry.

Darkies sigh, &c.

I told her I was joking wid her,
An' would neber leabe her in my life;
Den we agreed wid one anodder,
An' now she is my lawful wife.

Darkies sigh, &c.