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Salt River Chorus.


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Air, "Cheer up, my lively Lads."
Arranged by G. W. C.

We've all turn'd out this glorious day,
To join the convocation —
To cheer the friends of liberty,
And stop the slave extension.
Then, cheer up, my lively lads,
In spite of Cass or Taylor,


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Cheer up, we'll stop their craft,
And up Salt river sail her.

The beacon lights of th' Empire State,
Are spreading thro' the nation,
North, east and west are all on fire,
In one great conflagration.
Then, cheer up, &c.

Our Southern friends are coming on —
Fraternity's our motto;
We welcome them with all our heart,
As every freeman ought to.
Then, cheer up, &c.

We'll sing "free soil, free soil," my boys,
Nor sing for Cass or Taylor;
For Taylor rhymes are growing stale,
And hunker songs grow staler.
Then, cheer up, &c.

Now slavery's craft is floating by,
Containing Cass and Taylor,
Aboard, my boys, and seize the helm,
And up Salt river sail her.
Then, cheer up, &c.

For conscience whigs, and liberty men,
And every true barnburner,
Here join to stay proud slavery's curse,
And form free soil to spurn her.
Then, cheer up, &c.

Our flag is floating on the breeze,
Though not for Cass or Taylor,
'Tis for FREE SOIL, FREE SOIL, my boys,
And the mast we'll nail her.
Then, cheer up, &c.