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Letter from R. M. Cochrane to Leon McDonald Concerning Dumping Refuse on the Canal

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February 20,1911.

Mr. Leon McDonald,,
Gen'l Superintendent,
Canal Commissioners.

Dear Sir:-
Your communication addressed to His Honor, Mayor Busse, relative to dumping of refuse on property adjoining the Illinois and Michigan Canal, west of the Western avenue bridge, was referred by him to this Bureau for attention.

The 18th and 19th Wards dumped on this property for about two weeks. Dumping was discontinued some time ago and as soon as the weather permits the stuff that is on the ice in the canal will be removed. The old cans that were mixed with the refuse have been removed.

You will please pardon not hearing from me on this matter last week but we have been moving into the new City Hall building and have been considerably upset.

Yours very truly,

RM. Cochrane
Superintendent of Streets.