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Why Sleep We.


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1. Why sleep we, my brethren? come, let us arise,
O, why should we slumber in the sight of prize?
Salvation is nearer our days are far spent,
O, let us be active; awake! and repent.


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2. O, how can we slumber! the Master is come,
And calling on sinners to seek them a home:
The Spirit and Bride now in concert unite,
The weary they welcome, the careless invite.

3. O, how can we slumber! our foes are awake;
To ruin poor souls every effort they make;
To accomplish their object no means are untried;
The careless they comfort, the wakeful misguide.

4. O, how can we slumber! when so much was done,
To purchase salvation by Jesus the Son!
Now mercy is proffer'd, and justice display'd,
Now God can be honor'd, and sinners be saved.

5. O, how can we slumber! when death is so near,
And sinners are sinking to endless despair;
Now prayers may avail, and they gain the high prize
Before they in torment shall lift up their eyes.

6. O, how can ye slumber! ye sinners, look round,
Before the last trumpet your heart shall confound;
O, fly to the Savior, he calls you today;
While mercy is waiting, O make no delay.